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Crispy Whole Fish in Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

Skip the knife and cook this fish whole drizzled with a homemade sweet chili sauce.
You should be cooking with whole fish more often! You can ask your fish vendor to clean your fish for you and then it's just a matter of frying it whole. No fuss! To make it even more appetizing, a homemade sweet chili sauce ...

Buttermilk Fried Fish Fillet Recipe

A touch of seasoning really makes a flavorful difference in this fried fish.
There is no shame in using premade mixes. In fact, it's a kitchen hack that you need to take advantage of so you're never at a loss when deciding on how to make your food flavorful and delicious! In this fish fillet recipe using cream dory, ...

Easy Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

Vinegar and sugar combine to create a fantastic sauce for chunks of boneless fish.
This sweet and sour fish recipe is made even more delicious with a fantastic sauce. Vinegar and sugar create the mouth-watering and luscious sauce that coats these fish fillet chunks. This isn't your typical sweet and sour fish fillet recipe; we think it's even ...

Sweet And Sour Fish Fillets Recipe

Sweet and sour is a classic sauce. Serve it on top of easy-to-eat tilapia fish fillets.
Sweet and sour dishes are common, but when it comes to fish, many shy away because of fish bones. Solve that problem by using fillets which are fast and easy to eat, without the worry.  ...

Pan-Fried Fish with Mediterranean Sauce Recipe

Coat fish fillets in almonds for delicious crunch!
This simple pan-fried fish dish doesn't need a lot of ingredients: choose your favorite white fish fillet, coat it in almonds, and serve it with a light vegetable salsa on the side.  ...

Crispy Fried Pompano Recipe

This fried fish recipe is perfect with refreshing mango-jicama salad on the side!
To balance the richness of fried fish, complement this fish dish with a refreshing salad or salsa. You can also serve it with guacamole and a zesty garlic sauce. ...

Pan-Fried Fish Fillet Recipe

Give subtle fish oomph by matching it with tangy linguine noodles!
Give subtle fish oomph by matching it with tangy linguine noodles! Mix it up by adding other vegetables—this fish fillet recipe has zucchini, French beans, or squash. ...

Pan-fried Fish with Okra Recipe

Pair pan-fried fish with red or brown rice and vegetables such as okra.
When looking for a healthy meal, a seafood dish is an easy option. Pair it with red or brown rice and vegetables such as okra, which is low in carbohyrates and is a good source of protein. ...
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