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Milo Muffins Recipe

No frosting required!
These Milo Muffins were made for the kiddo's break. It's actually a hack recipe because I was a hurry so I just used pancake mix. The results are these easy, fluffy chocolate muffins.  ...

Pancake Mix Hack: You Can Make Tiramisu Pancakes!

Make your breakfast extra.
You can make more than just pancakes with a box of pancake mix, but did you know you can make extraordinary pancakes with it? You can make flavored pancakes such as ube pancakes, peanut butter and coconut pancakes, or even squash or kalabasa pancakes! But why not ...

Yes, You Can Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Using Pancake Mix!

You only need 6 ingredients.
A boxed pancakes mixe can be a handy grocery find. Did you know you can make not just pancakes but waffles with it, too? You can even hack the mix to make mini doughnuts, too! You can also use it as a replacement for flour when ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using Pancake Mixes

We've got hacks to make it amazing.
For some, the concept of pancakes from scratch is alien. Why bother when the instant stuff is pretty good? We get it. Instant pancake mixes also happen to be the gateway item to get a lot of people into cooking. It’s something so easy ...
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