Cooking for One? You Can Make These Quesadillas Using Boxed Pancake Mix

Get creative in the kitchen by using boxed mixes.
Cooking for one can seem like a challenge. You can only live off microwaved meals, pre-packed salad and sandwich combos, and instant noodles for a few weeks.Here's an idea: get creative in the kitchen by using boxed pancake mixes. Make your own ...

Love Pancakes and Carrot Cake? Here's How You Can Make Them Healthier

You don’t have to stay away your favorite food.
The holidays are all about indulging but you don’t need to stay away from your favorite food. With a little substitution here and there, you can have your cake—and eat it, too—while still keeping your health in check.Maya’s ThinkHeart line makes sure ...

This Brunch-Worthy Pancake Mix by Rustic Mornings Will Make Mornings Extra Sweet

You can now take home pancake mix from your favorite brunch place!
Rustic Mornings is a great go-to breakfast and brunch place—who wouldn’t love the homey space of the restaurant? Tucked in a small street in San Roque, Marikina City, Rustic Mornings has served up a fan-favorite dish of buttermilk pancakes for countless mornings.Here’s ...

Which Boxed Mix Makes the Fluffiest Pancakes? We Tried Maya, White King, and More

We put all your favorite boxed pancake mixes to the test!
Life is too short to not have delicious pancakes as part of your weekend breakfast spread! While you can easily make them from scratch, boxed mixes are great for easy mornings and fuss-free prep work.We did the work for you and tested ...

Smiley and Fruity Pancakes

Give your kid a reason to smile with this cheery breakfast.
Give your kid a reason to smile with this cheery breakfast. Make and prepare them these Smiley and Fruity Pancakes. Decorate pancakes with fruit slices: kiwi for the eyes and orange for the mouth. Kids will surely love it! ...
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