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Buttermilk Pancakes with Apples Recipe

Swap out pancakes mix for fluffy, tart buttermilk pancakes!
When making pancakes, set aside instant mixes and make your light and fluffy diner-style pancakes from scratch. So easy! ...

Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

Pair fluffy pancakes with whipped lemon butter!
The creamy butter—light as air and with a subtle hint of lemon—adds a delicious, refreshing tang to the fluffy pancakes. ...

Pancakes with Berries Recipe

This is an Austrian-style pancake loaded with berries and butter!
This popular Austrian-style pancake is usually heavy on eggs and butter, but this one’s lightened up with more healthful ingredients. ...

Ube Pancakes Recipe

Make breakfast colorful!
These ube pancakes are simple: all you have to do is add ube halaya, plus a few more ingredients, into basic boxed pancake mix!  ...

Squash Pancakes with Peanut Butter Drizzle Recipe

These pancakes have crisp edges! Make them for breakfast.
Breakfast and brunch can be extra special with these squash pancakes! Make a sweet peanut butter drizzle to go with the pancakes.  ...

Strawberry Pancakes Recipe

Breakfast isn't complete with fluffy pancakes! This strawberry pancakes recipe uses lots of fruity syrup, too.
Breakfast pancakes should be part of every weekend breakfast spread. This pancake recipe has tender and fluffy pancakes topped with a thick, fruity strawberry syrup. Pancakes cook best on non-stick skillets and over low heat, but the wait is very well worth ...

Banana Pancakes Recipe

This is a flourless, gluten, and dairy-free pancake recipe that's easy to whip up in the morning.
This is a flourless, gluten, and dairy-free pancake recipe that's easy to whip up in the morning. Use super ripe bananas to make your pancakes naturally sweet! You can also serve these with coconut nectar or honey on the side. ...
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