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This Is How The Batangas Lomi Is Different From The Chinese Lomi

The Batangas version is quite different!
Batangas is home to many delicious dishes, most notably the hearty and beefy bulalo and the goto that isn't made of rice. However, there is another dish that you think you know but is actually quite different from those we are most familiar ...

Chicken Lomi Recipe

Try making this noodle dish with chicken!
This lomi noodle soup can be made with chicken! Top with garlic bits for extra crunch. ...

Pancit Lomi Recipe

It's an easy and filling noodle dish best for nippy weather and cold days.
This soupy Filipino-Chinese pancit recipe is sure to make the rainy weather more bearable. Unlike other noodles, this dish uses egg noodles which is considered to be a healthier alternative given its low-fat content.It's a hearty mix of the thick egg noodles, ...
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