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WATCH: This Saucy Pancit Luglug Is Delicious + Satisfying

A homemade shrimp broth is transformed into a super appetizing sauce that tops thick rice noodles.
The bright and flavorful sauce of this pancit is made even more flavorful by the flavor extracted from the shrimp shells and heads to form the base of the broth. It's a fantastic way to maximize your ingredients for maximum flavor in your dish. How did we do it? ...

Pancit Luglog Recipe

Pancit Luglog is the more saucy noodle dish made with a shrimp-annatto sauce.
Pancit Luglog is Filipino noodle dish similar to that of Pancit Palabok. The main difference is the type of noodles used and the Pancit Luglog is the more saucy dish between the two. Pancit Lulog uses thick rice noodles and is typically ...
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