Vietnamese Pork Skewers Recipe

Mix, marinate, grill - and you're good to go.
Mix, marinate, grill—and you're good to go. This pork skewers recipe is inspired by a family enterprise found on a street corner in Ho Chi Minh, where the young sisters prepare the noodle salad while their mother tends the charcoal grill.  Serve with a Vietnamese ...

Special Buko Pandan Gel

This Pinoy party classic is always a hit with kids of all ages.
"This is a dessert recipe I enjoy more than fruit salad, maybe because I also love coconut," confesses Crissy Balatbat. "My mom and I found a way to give it extra oomph by adding other ingredients." ...

Adobo sa Buko

Coconut water and meat are added to adobo for a deliciously sweet, mellow flavor.
"In Southern Luzon, coconuts are abundant and thus are present in many of the locality's dishes," says Chef Giney Villar. Coconut water and meat are added to adobo for a deliciously sweet, mellow flavor. Chef Giney even kicks it up a notch ...

WATCH: This Is The Frozen And Creamy Version Of Your Favorite Buko Pandan Dessert

Coconut + Pandan + Ice cream = Delicious!
You'll find many desserts on the buffet table but none is more popular than the buko pandan dessert. Its green gelatin with coconut strands and coconut cream is flavored with pandan, or screwpine leaves, to give it another dimension in flavor. It's ...

WATCH: You Will Love This Buko Pandan + Macapuno Cake

This buko pandan cake is for those who love the creamy dessert.
You probably have attended a celebration that served a chilled buko pandan dessert. If you loved that dessert, hold your breath for this stunning dessert that reimagines the flavors of that chilled dessert into a pillowy soft chiffon cake.It starts off with a delicate chiffon cake coated ...

Buko Pandan Ice Candy Recipe

Buko pandan just got easier to enjoy this summer.
Your favorite creamy buko pandan dessert got frozen! It's the classic combo of buko juice, pandan, coconut cream, and gulaman but made into an icy treat.We made this buko pandan ice candy recipe easy but it can be made even easier with this no-cook ...

Here's Where You Can Find Ube Kutsinta With Pandan Dip

Add lots of toasted niyog on top, please!
Filipinos have always been, and continue to be, creative when it comes to flavor combinations. Kutsinta is a classic Filipino kakanin that can be eaten as is but it is typically topped with coconut shreds. It has come a long way, with ...
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