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Nutella-Stuffed Chocolate Pandesal Recipe

It's the perfect snack!
This classic Filipino bread just got an upgrade with the addition of cocoa and hazelnut-flavored chocolate spread that will surely be a hit. ...

Easy Bread Recipes You Can Make To Start The Morning Right

Freshly-made bread is the best way to start your day.
Waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread is one of the most wonderful wakeup calls you can have. The earthy flavors, the yeast, and the fresh-baked smell is as heartwarming as it is a wonderful greeting of a new day.     If you eagerly anticipate the ...

Flandesal Recipe

Get the best of both worlds with this flandesal recipe!
If you're a fan of leche flan and pandesal, this one's for you. This pandesal recipe is stuffed with leche flan and topped with caramel. This is one unique Pinoy dessert that you should try making!  ...

Here Are Our Reader's Best Tips for Making Ube Cheese Pandesal

Dare to make it, too? They did!
Baking bread is an accomplishment that even the most experienced home bakers can feel proud of making. There is something very invigorating when you smell the aroma of baking bread wafting from the oven and through the kitchen.That’s what new bakers discovered ...

My Lola's Cure to Homesickness: Making Hot Pandesal in Cold Canada

For this lola, her family, and many other homesick immigrants like her, pandesal is the taste of home.
“Parang ang sarap ng pandesal,” a daughter baits.“Oo nga,” another daughter chimes in. This always happened around that time, late at night, the rest of the city drifting into sleep, someone suddenly starts craving for something soft, sweet, warm, and familiar."Bili ka na sa bakery,” their mother gives one of ...

Recipes You Loved in February: Homemade Pandesal, Adobo sa Atsuete + More

Pinoy favorites and mango desserts take the spotlight!
 Bookmark these top recipes from last month! 1 Homemade PandesalNever thought you could make pandesal at home? Enjoy them warm with a little butter, jam, or dip it in coffee Filipino-style.2 Mango Float Freezer CakeNo ovens required! An Earl grey tea-flavored crust takes ...
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