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This Is The Kind of Breadcrumb You Should Use For the Crispiest Fried Food

It becomes incredibly crunchy when fried.
The Japanese have given the world many delicious dishes: sushi, ramen, tempura, yakitori, and katsu. If you love tonkatsu, that incredibly crunchy exterior is the result of the unique breadcrumbs used. It's called Panko.  These Japanese-style breadcrumbs are unique to Asian cuisine and ...

Breaded Salmon With Lemon Cream Sauce Recipe

This salmon is breaded with a flavorful panko breadcrumb layer to give it crunch.
Panko breadrumbs is more than just breading for this salmon dish. The flavorful crust gives flakey salmon a crunchiness it doesn't have while the lemon cream is another layer of flavor that delights the tongue.  ...
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