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This Pinay's Immaculately Organized Pantry Is #Goals

Even neat freaks would be jealous!
When Marie Kondo's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo premiered on Netflix in early 2019, the organizing consultant's methods and philosophy about keeping clean seemed to inspire nearly everyone to start decluttering and reorganizing their homes, but the task is no easy feat.Perhaps ...

All The Pantry Staples You Need To Check And Throw Out This Year

Take inventory so you don't end up with bad food.
Having a well-stocked kitchen is one of the best ways to ensure that you're going to be able to cook well. Taking a good inventory of what you have regularly is great practice to ensure that you never run out of anything that ...

How To Store Unfinished Opened Canned Goods

Is it safe to just place it in the refrigerator?
Have you ever opened canned food, used a bit, and didn't use it all up? Has a recipe ever asked for half the amount of canned food? Having unfinished, opened canned goods are a common occurrence. What is also common is, when ...

Splash on Sesame Oil To Give Your Meal a Quick Make Over

Here's how you can use it.
Sesame oil isn’t your average cooking oil. A little of it goes a long, long way. It coats and infuses your dishes with an aromatic, delicious, nutty, sesame flavor. Here, we’ve gathered recipes, both new and old, that use sesame oil to ...

Cookies and Cream Polvoron Recipe

Add extra flavor to buttery polvoron!
Filipino polvoron is a classic dessert made of toasted flour, milk powder, butter, and sugar. If you're a fan of the cookies and cream flavor, give this polvoron recipe a go! It's easy to make and requires only 3 basic steps. This ...

How You Can Use These Common Kitchen Leftovers

Don't throw them away! Make the most out of these common kitchen leftovers.
From fruit rinds to veggie trimmings, we've listed down smart, delicious, and sustainable ways to make good use of your excess food. These common leftovers can be transformed into useful ingredients for your next dinner or dessert! Not only will these kitchen ...

9 Special Pantry Staples for the Holidays

The holidays call for pantry items that are a bit more special.
We all love a little bit of holiday cheer, come this time of year. People start bringing out the parols, and begin becoming just a wee bit merrier. Since the season of joy is just around the corner, why not indulge a ...

Keep Your Pantry Clean in 3 Easy Steps

Not everyone loves to scrub and scrape. Keep your pantry clean with this handy guide.
We've broken down the seemingly impossible task of cleaning your kitchen into easy-to-follow steps. Here's how to keep your pantry clean: 1. Take out all of the contents of your pantry. Remove any crumbs and food residue from the shelves.2. Take time ...
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