We Bet You've Never Had Sampaguita-Flavored Ice Cream Before

You'll get to taste all kinds of flowers at this ice cream shop!
Imagine eating an icy and creamy treat named with the flavors of a flower. That's exactly what Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream created with their six new summer ice cream flavors. The collection, called Summer Blooms, is now available at Papa Diddi branches. Papa Diddi specializes in ...

Are You Game For Popcorn-Flavored Ice Cream?

It's popcorn and ice cream in one pint!
Whenever you watch a movie, whether that be in the cinemas or at home, snacks are always essential. Popcorn is always a crowd, especially when it’s freshly popped and coated in butter or flavored powder.If you’re looking for a one of a ...

Summer Isn't Over Yet With Scoop-All-You-Can Ice Cream

Bring a friend!
The rainy season may officially be here but the time for ice cream never ends—especially with Papa Diddi's and their Scoop All You Can promo, happening on July 15, Monday. Get all the ice cream you can eat for P250.Sarah Salido, the ...

Avocado Fans, You Need To Get Your Hands On This Ice Cream

Avocados are in season!
Yes, avocados are definitely in season—thankfully, despite the unpredictability of the weather. It would be a shame to not take advantage of this flavorful fruit when it is most abundant. If you like avocado in all forms, then you will love Papa ...
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