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You Can Now Buy Ram-Don Ingredients At This Major Supermarket!

It's time you finally tried making this iconic dish at home.
Sourcing the ram-don (from the award-winning film Parasite) ingredients can be a little tricky since it’s mostly sold in Korean groceries and often, it’s sold out due to demand. If you’re still on the hunt for the two crucial instant noodle packs ...

Parasite Fans, This New Cup Noodles Combines Chapagetti + Neoguri Ramen In One Bowl

You don't need to buy the two instant noodles separately anymore!
If you’ve watched the film Parasite, you probably, at some point, wanted to try that iconic ram-don Mrs. Park (Cho Yeo-jeong) requested during that eventful rainy night. For those who recreated it at home, did you have a hard time finding the two ...

Parasite Fans, Here's Your Chance To Try Ram-Don This Weekend

Mark your calendars!
If you've seen the award-winning movie Parasite, then you’re probably familiar with ram-don. The noodle dish, a combo of ramen and udon noodles and topped with cubes of steak, had everyone wanting to replicate the bowl of noodles at home. Sure, making Parasite’s ...

This Is How Easy It Is To Make Ram-don

It's the noodle dish from the Korean movie, "Parasite".
If you have seen the Oscar-winning Korean movie "Parasite", you know about "ram-don". Many of us have never heard of it before! That's because the original dish was renamed. You might remember that definitive scene when the entire Kim family panics when they find ...
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