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Max's New Dish Is A Pares Version Of Their Famous Sizzling Tofu

It already sounds so delicious!
Max’s Sizzling Tofu is one of the best-selling dishes in the restaurant. Deep-fried tofu is tossed in creamy sauce and chilis, just like the well-loved sisig! This time, Max’s is putting a different spin on this Max’s classic and adding the addicting ...

Easy Beef Pares Mami Recipe

This is beef noodles made extra meaty!
Use our popular beef pares recipe to create a delicious version that's eaten with noodles instead of rice. The mami portion is super easy to make so once you have your pares, you can pile on the noodles and serve it as you like. This is ...

We Found A Dish That Combines Pares, Ramen, and Steak

All of your favorites in one dish!
If you're already planning post-pandemic weekend trips with your friends, you should definitely consider adding Mouse Hole Cheese Bar x Restaurant to your list. Mouse Hole is a newly opened resto in Batangas that boasts cheesy items on the menu.It's the first "cheese bar" ...

Pork Pares Recipe

Make an easy meat swap!
Beef pares is delicious but if you want to make it into an easier-to-cook ulam for your daily meals, switching meats is a genius idea. We used pork instead of traditional beef, and the result is a similarly delicious pairing for rice. The meat swap ...

All The Ways You Can Make Your Beef Pares Even More Delicious

This chunky stew can use a few delicious upgrades.
One of our top recipes in 2020 was beef pares. This stew is a simple yet chunky and hearty beef stew in a sweetened soy sauce soup. It's the spice added to the dish that transforms this from a simple stew to one that's addicting: ...

Top Beef Recipes of 2020: Pares, Corned Beef, and Tapa Salpicao

Simple ingredients make these beef dishes super tasty.
Beef may not be the first meat you reach for when at the market or at the grocery but it is still well-loved. Dishes such as tapa, salpicao, caldereta, and beef pares would not be a favorite if it wasn't made with beef. Not surprising, our readers' ...

Craving Humba And Pares? Here's A Super Quick And Super Affordable Solution To Your Cravings!

They have caldereta and afritada, too!
Dishes like humba and pares are without a doubt, delicious. However, these Filipino dishes take time to become fork-tender when you make it at home. So, what if you can have it as often as you want to without needing to cook it for hours? Purefoods ...

Elyu's Famous Bagnet Is Now In Makati

Need a quick bagnet and pares fix?
As much as we love being in the city, some of us just can't help but long for the feeling of sand beneath our feet and the sounds of the ocean in our ears. La Union, in particular, has been quite the hotspot to ...

WATCH: Beef Pares is a Pinoy Favorite!

Have it with lots and lots of rice!
Beef pares is a hearty Filipino beef stew that pairs perfectly with lots of rice!Try this easy recipe at home:Produced by: Ria Esguerra ...

WATCH: How to Make Beef Pares

A hearty serving of this Pinoy beef stew recipe pairs perfectly with lots of rice!
Beef pares is a Filipino beef stew recipe that's sweet and seasoned with spices. Pair it with a hearty serving of rice for a delicious, and satisfying meal.2 tablespoons vegetable oil2 cloves garlic, crushed2 tablespoons ginger, minced1 medium onion, minced1 kilogram beef ...
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