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Here Are All The Appetizers You Can Make With Little Effort

You don't have to do much to make these delicious snack food.
If you're having an after-New Year party, you're going to want to lessen the amount of work you're going to have to do for it. We know you were out the night before so if you're still keen on having friends and family over after the festivities that ...

WATCH: These Loaded Nachos Are What You Need For Nacho Night

Make this loaded nachos recipe whenever there's a party!
Gather your friends and family for a messy yet hearty meal that will 100% hit the spot. This loaded nachos recipe is the perfect dish to serve for a crowd because it comes complete with veggies, meat, carbs, and every flavor note you might want. It's ...

Mixed Mushrooms Recipe

Munch on these crispy mushrooms with abandon!
These mushrooms are a fun party appetizer or snack (we used store-bought crackers to coat them!). They’re perfect with a cold bottle of beer and your favorite show on TV. ...

Mushroom and Cream Toast Recipe

Appetizers don't need to be boring!
This easy appetizer recipe is loaded with flavors: brandied mushrooms with cream give these small bites exciting flavors. ...

Cream Cheese with Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

Serve this to guests while you prepare the rest of the meal!
Who would’ve thought you could come up with a spectacular starter with just two ingredients? This easy appetizer recipe combines creamy tones with a spicy kick! ...

Truffle Mushroom Toast Recipe

Serve the crowd with a flavor favorite: truffle and mushrooms on toast.
Serve the crowd with a flavor favorite: truffle and mushrooms on toast.  ...

Salmon and Cream Cheese Toast Recipe

Smoked salmon, smooth cream cheese, and lots of herbs? You will not be able to stop snacking!
These tasty pop-in-your-mouth salmon, dill, and cream cheese bites will get any party started.  ...

Creamy Mushroom Dip Recipe

Here’s a party appetizer you can whip up in a jiffy!
This mushroom dip recipe is a party appetizer you can whip up in a jiffy. You can also enjoy it as merienda! Serve this appetizer recipe with chips, toast, or crackers! ...

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

You’ve got your carbs, protein, and veggies all in this one lovely package
These beauties are complete meals in themselves. You’ve got your carbs (rice!), protein (ground beef and egg!), and veggies (peppers!) all in one lovely package. Watch it become a staple in your family gatherings. ...
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