20 Potluck Party Dishes (RECIPE GALLERY)

Here are 10 make-ahead meals you can bring to the Christmas party.

Have a Worry-Free Party: Check out the Goldilocks' Party Funfeast Meals

Make your holiday parties fuss-free with easy-to-order meals.

5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Party

Don’t let the stress of the holidays take the fun out of the season!

Three Party Themes, Three Menus

We have suggestions for your next party.

How to Make Refrigerator Pinwheel Cookies

Do this choco treat like you would a jelly roll.

15 Cooking Schools for Short Courses

Hone your kitchen skills through short courses from any of these 15 schools!

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AFC is on the lookout for new celebrity chefs to star in their first-ever reality show.

Tip of the Week: How to Make Homecooked Food Party-Ready

We have tips on how to create an effortless Instagram-ready spread.

5 Steps to the Perfect Holiday Ham

A Pinoy Christmas is not complete without ham! We have a few tips if you're making it at home.

Prawn and Crab Thermidor

For an even richer version, top with grated Gruyère, queso de bola, or Parmesan cheese before baking.

Funnel Cake Recipe

For an interactive dessert party, have a do-it yourself funnel cake station!

Tomato Crostinis Recipe

This is an extremely easy-to-prepare appetizer for weekend parties.

Strawberry Fun-due

Whip this up and wow your friends with this sweet, fruity dip.

Mini Beef Morcon Recipe (Stuffed Meat Rolls)

Smaller versions of this fiesta and party staple cook faster.

Ham with Sweet Mustard Sauce Recipe

A classic cured and smoked Christmas ham served with a sweet yet tangy mustard sauce.

Ice Cream Fruit Parfait Recipe

Melted vanilla ice cream instead of traditional cream and condensed milk?It makes this fruit salad extra rich and velvety.
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