Comfort Food: 6 Dishes to Whip Up

Soups, mac and cheese, and the Pinoy sinigang—we have recipes for your cravings!

Hello, Healthy!

Five inspiring stories of switching to good-for-you eating, food-shopping, and living habits—and sticking to them.


This pioneering Filipino café continues to uphold its tradition of serving a delicious roster of culinary dishes

Sumo Sam

Fill your belly with delicious Japanese eats (and get a crash course in Sumo wrestling while you’re at it)

Falling off the Couch Part 1

A couch potato wants to lose weight, reads up on nutrition, and changes her diet.

Discovering Camiguin

Getting to know the idyllic, volcanic island and the unlikely Italian treasure on its long, lonely highway.

How to Pickle Veggies

This adds color and crunch to any dish. Do it in 3 easy steps.

(pls donot duplicate) Aileen Anastacio

There are always lessons to be learned for this pastry chef-slash-caterer-slash-Yummy columnist


Named after the famed artistic genius, Gaudi boasts of simplicity and modernity not just on its plates but in its interiors as well.

We Tried It!

The YUMMY team don new hats for a day and shares just what goes into the making of your favorite food.

Bangus for Breakfast

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day. True or not, it is my favorite.

Budget-Friendly Dishes

Your favorite YUMMY experts and one reader share their recipes and moneysaving tips.

10 Ideas: Basil

Ten palate-pleasing ways to enjoy this wonderfully versatile and aromatic herb.

Grape Expectations!

Good as a fruit snack, better as a wine, and—as this lunch proved—best as an ingredient in main dishes.

Healthy Beets

They're one of the most nutritious veggies you can get your hands on!

Market Find: Talong

Divine Mesina gives you tips on buying and cooking talong.
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