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These Creamy Rolls Are Topped With Toasty Brûlée-d Frosting

They'll go great with coffee!
We know cinnamon rolls have been a popular treat in quarantine, but have you tried Danish rolls? Also known as Kanelsnegle, the treat is made with a pastry dough more similar to that of a croissant rather than a fluffy cinnamon roll. The airy ...

These Gooey Cinnamon Rolls Are Topped With Choc Nut Chunks

A Pinoy twist on a classic dessert!
We recently rounded up some home-baked cinnamon rolls you can get delivered because there's never a bad time for to enjoy these creamy pastries. If you want try a fun Pinoy twist on the classic dessert, we recently found cinnamon rolls topped ...

Meet Manila's First Eco-Friendly Bake House

Feast on all things sweet and savory, with less guilt.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we can enjoy good food but at the same time not worry about the single-use plastic we’re leaving behind? Thankfully, Shangri-La at the Fort’s new dining destination, Bake House, has all three: freshly-baked pastries, a good cup of ...

There's Lemon Matcha Cheesecake In This NEW Maginhawa Café!

You need to try all their other delicious and imaginative pastries!
When was the last time you indulged in desserts that went out of the box? Have you ever tried a Sampinit Tres Leches Cake with Roasted White Chocolate Streusel, Lemon Matcha Cheesecake, Earl Grey Caramel Cake, or Almond Matcha Fudge Brownies? You ...

This Milk and Cookies Cake Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood

Satisfy your sweet tooth this holiday season.
“Food is something you always remember,” Mikko Santos recounts what his dad always told them. It’s a sentiment that’s stayed with him and his brother, Patrick Santos, as they run Borough, Nolita, The Bowery, and LES Bagels together. It’s a statement that rings ...

These Pumpkin Buns Are The Only Treats You'll Need This Halloween!

Halloween is never complete without the tricks, but most especially the sweets!
If Halloween is your fave holiday, be prepared to bring out your scary costumes and brace yourself for the sugar rush from all the treats you are bound to receive all month long.Kumori, a Japanese bakery known for its fluffy bread and pastries, released new pastries for the ...

Weeknight Dinners That You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less

Stick to simple ingredients and good seasoning for stress-free and satisfying weeknight meals.
Satisfying weeknight meals are for simple ingredients. With boneless cuts of chicken, quick-cooking shrimp, and simple pastas, putting food on the table will be a breeze!1  Cacio e PepeThis is as simple as it gets. Ready in only 15 minutes, this “cheese-and-pepper” ...

Fruity Custard Tarts

Serve these picture perfect tarts with vanilla or fruit-flavored ice cream.
Serve these picture perfect tarts with vanilla or fruit-flavored ice cream and you'll impress your guests with an over-the-top dessert! ...

Familiar Comforts at Merced Bake House

Generations of customers return for a taste of home.
Something about Merced Bake House seems very familiar. Whether it’s in the brightly colored walls of its main shop front along EDSA or in their wide array of familiar, old-fashioned cakes and pastries, visiting Merced feels a bit like coming home. The bakery, ...

Paris Stick

A pastry recipe from Ernie Babaran of ISCAHM.
Confectioners’ sugar tends to lump together so Make sure you sift it before measuring. When cooled, melt bittersweet chocolate and dip both ends in melted chocolate. A pastry recipe from Ernie Babaran of ISCAHM. ...

Poppy Seed Muffins

Pastries can keep for quite some time, making it ideal for selling.
Pastries can keep for quite some time, making it ideal for selling. Besides, who doesn't crave for a sweet snack every now and then? For the cake version, see Orange Poppy Seed Loaf recipe ...
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