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What's The Difference: Jumbo vs. Regular Potatoes vs. Marble Potatoes

What are your favorite potatoes?
Did you know that the potatoes that are widely available in the supermarkets and palengke are classified as all-purpose potatoes? These potatoes are most probably either the Granola potato or the Igorota potato. These are the most commonly grown potatoes in the Philippines. That's why when shopping for potatoes in ...

This Is How Much Butter You Should Add To Mashed Potatoes

This ratio makes silky soft mashed potatoes.
Are you a fan of potatoes, specifically the mashed potato kind that is deliciously creamy and irresistible? Mashed potatoes might be the side dish that is often overlooked when the main dish is presented. It's the side dish that takes second place on your ...

How To Choose The Right Potato For Fluffy Mashed Potatoes And Fries

Use these tips to know what potatoes are best for your recipe.
The hardest part about shopping for produce is deciding which are the best for the dish you're cooking. Picking up the right kind is easy when there is only one variety. What is there left to do if there is only one choice? That's ...

Easy Mustard-Parsley Potatoes Recipe

This is a super easy, super tasty potato recipe.
Perfect side for any roasted or grilled meat and seafood. If you're feeling fancy, I highly recommend Pommery mustard, but, regular grocery mustard works, too. ...

WATCH: How To Make Adobong Itlog At Patatas

This simple yet satisfying adobo is perfect for those looking to go meatless.
Adobo recipes are some of the easiest dishes to make. The classic adobo recipe is a meat dish marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, and black peppercorns. Cooking this marinated meat requires water but only so that the meat can simmer ...

WATCH: How To Make Your Fried Potatoes Even Better

These fried potatoes are made more delicious fried with sausages and topped with a healthy scoop of garlic mayonnaise.
What makes fried potatoes such a delicious snack? It has to be the way these crispy, golden-brown chunks of these starchy spuds taste! Made more flavorful with a simple seasoning of salt to enhance its taste, potatoes are a universal favorite around the world. Belgians, in particular, eat the ...

Patatas Bravas with Sausage Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Subukan mo ang napakadaling lutuing ito.
Ang patatas bravas ay isang tradisyunal na lutuin ng mga Espanyol na gawa ng mga patatas na hiniwa, at niluluto sa tomato sauce o aioli sauce. Sa halip na gumamit ng chorizo, ang recipe na ito ay gumagamit ng sausage (gumamit kami ng ...

These Recipes Make Potatoes Irresistible!

It's not just for French fries.
Anything made with potatoes is almost always good. Whether it's a crunchy, salty chip or a creamy, garlicky mashed potato ball that's been stuffed with cheese that reminds you of those delectable balls served in a certain Japanese restaurant, we have to agree ...
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