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Corn Pudding (Che Bap) Recipe

This is your mango sago made savory with corn.
Sweet corn kernels are usually associated with savory dishes but if you love this when made into a dessert, such as when made into maja blanca or the mais con yelo,  you need to try this Asian dessert recipe, too. Che bap, or sweet corn ...

Yes, You Can Buy Milk Tea Pearls In This Supermarket!

Now you have no excuse to make milk tea at home.
All you need to make classic milk tea at home is tea bags, milk, and tapioca pearls. Tea bags and milk that come in different flavors are readily available in most supermarkets, but tapioca pearls are harder to source. Sure, there are ...

Your Complete Milk Tea Guide To Find Your Perfect Drink

Customize your milk tea to perfection.
There are two kinds of milk tea lovers in the world: those who see the milk tea menu and get excited about the infinite possibilities or those who are paralyzed and hold up the line because there are just too many decisions ...

Taiwan's Famous Brown-Sugar Milk Tea Is Coming To Manila!

They stir-fry their pearls!
Even though we're entering a new year, the milk-tea craze shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it might just get even bigger from here: Xing Fu Tang from Taiwan is bringing their brown-sugar milk tea to Promenade Mall, Greenhills in ...
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