Laguna-Style Beef Lumpia Recipe

Laguna lumpia uses sweet potatoes in its lumpia recipe.
The Laguna-style lumpia is unique among lumpiang gulay recipes since it uses no togue in its filling. These fried spring rolls contain sweet potatoes instead.  ...

Beef in Coconut Milk (Beef Kulma) Recipe

This Tausug beef stew recipe is hearty, delicious, and Filipino.
This dish from Mindanao is a beef stew that's unlike anything that you might have tasted before. This is because of the ingredients added in that make it taste totally appetizing and fantastic.You may want to pile on some steamed rice because this beef stew has flavors ...

We Found Brazo De Mercedes That Ube Fans Will Love

Ube goodness in every bite.
Imagine biting into soft sweet meringue, flavored with ube, and finding a chunky ube halaya center in the middle of the brazo de Mercedes slice—ube fans will surely sigh in contentment.Brazo de Mercedes is a rolled cake made of sweet meringue and ...
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