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Try This Proudly Pinoy Chocolate Gelato At The Grid While You Still Can

It's the ultimate comfort food!
What happens when you combine a passionate chocolatier and an equally-passionate gelato maker? Spoiler alert: really good chocolate gelato. If you’re a fan of chocolate and gelato, then the new proudly Pinoy chocolate gelato line called Chocolato will excite you.The Chocolato line is ...

Serg's Chocolates Might Be Back Sooner Than You Think

Remember these chocolates from the sari-sari store?
For a lot of kids who grew up in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, Serg’s chocolates from the sari-sari store were part of a very happy childhood. The chocolate bars, which had a recognizable pinstripe wrapper, were a favorite among Pinoy children ...

Malagos Chocolate from Davao Wins Major International Awards

Malagos Chocolate bagged two awards from the internationally-acclaimed group, Academy of Chocolate.
The Academy of Chocolate, which was founded in Britain by some of the world’s leading chocolate professionals, gives recognition to excellent chocolate under the following categories: bars, drinking chocolate, filled chocolate, spreads, and packaging. Every year, they come together to award chocolate makers that get ...

Treat Yourself: This Creamy and Dreamy Chocolate Is Made from Rare Philippine Cacao

Did we say they're one of the most creamy local chocolates we've tried?
Auro Chocolate is in a class of its own. While the chocolate is wrapped in delicate paper and gold-tinged boxes, it is anchored in simply using only the best homegrown cacao beans our country has to offer.Auro takes pride is supporting their partner ...

You Need to Add These Pili Nuts to Your Secret Chocolate Stash

Munch on buttery, freshly-roasted pili nuts covered in milk and chocolate.
Risa Chocolates, a proudly Filipino chocolate company, churns out products made with local ingredients while supporting small-scale farmers. Among their newest additions to their impressive list of products is a stand-out showstopper: The Pilitas. Owner Pam Lim-Cinco, whose goal has always been to ...
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