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FDA Warns Against Buying, Eating Bongbong's Piaya

Are you a fan of Bongbong's piaya?
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday warned the public against buying and eating Bongbong's piaya, a Negros Occidental delicacy, as failed to undergo the agency's evaluation process.The agency said that the particular piaya, made with unleavened bread filled with muscovado, ...

These Piayas Are Stuffed With Salty-Sweet Longganisa

Try this savory piaya for a change.
Piayas are one of the more famous delicacies Pinoys enjoy for merienda. They're made with an unleavened flatbread commonly stuffed with a rich and gooey muscovado filling, and best eaten warm and paired with a cup of brewed coffee (the more bitter, ...

You Can Get Four Pieces Of This Freshly Cooked Piaya For Just P59

BRB, hoarding these!
Piaya is a popular dessert from the Negros Occidental region that consists of unleavened flat bread with muscovado filling in the center. We know, just that simple description is enough to make you crave it. Here's where you can get some at ...

Balay Dako's Famous Piaya Is Available For Delivery Within Metro Manila

Do you miss your Tagaytay favorites, too?
While our trips to chilly Tagaytay will need to be put on hold because of the pandemic, we don't have to stay away from our Tagaytay food cravings. If one of the things you miss during your spontaneous (or not-so-spontaneous) Tagaytay trip includes Balay Dako’s famous piaya, we ...

Did You Know You Can Get Freshly Made Piaya At This Tagaytay Resto?

They make it every day!
There’s no use resisting a bowl of piping hot bulalo when visiting the chilly city of Tagaytay, but this ever-expanding town offers more than that. A go-to among Filipino food fans is Balay Dako, which translates to “Big House” in Negrense. This restaurant serves an ...

You Can Now Have Eng Bee Tin Favorites Delivered To Your Doorstep

Just in time for Chinese New Year.
In case you didn’t know, Chinese New Year is on January 25, 2019. If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, be prepared to serve different Chinese delicacies that bring in luck for the year to come. Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way to ...

Forget Cookies-Have You Tried Ice Cream Sandwiches That Use Piaya Instead?

You have to try this Pinoy-flavored dessert!
Sarsa Kitchen + Bar is known both for their authentic Negrense dishes and their modern, updated twists on classic Pinoy favorites. Among their dishes that are known for fun and modern twists? Their Piaya Ice Cream Sandwiches!Piaya is a flatbread with a jam-like ...

Get Your Fill of Chicken Inasal, Piaya and Other Bacolod Favorites at the 32nd Negros Trade Fair

Taste-travel to the Negrense region at this year’s fair which will run from September 27 to October 1.
This year’s Negros Trade Fair is the perfect time to reacquaint yourself with Negrense food—there’s certainly more to this region’s cuisine than just chicken inasal and piaya (flat unleavened bread filled with muscovado sugar). Hala-an Curried Guinamos sa Gata by Chef JP Anglo served ...
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