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Ube Pichi-Pichi Exists And It's A Kakanin Fan's Dream Come True

You can get a dozen for P220!
For big fans of any and all kinds of kakanin, pichi-pichi is one that's hard to leave off your list of favorites. The chewy, bite-sized treat made of grated cassava and rolled in coconut flakes or cheese has an addicting quality that makes you ...

Famed Pichi-Pichi Spot Lola Nena's Makes Irresistible Cheese-Filled Doughnuts

You can get them delivered!
Local food shop Lola Nena's is best known for their chewy, melt-in-your-mouth pichi-pichi and other merienda products. Their branches in and around Metro Manila are open for take-out only, so you may have some fond memories of eating their treats on the ...

PSA: You Can Have Amber's Pichi-Pichi Delivered To You For Merienda!

They also have ready-to-cook food, available for a limited time only.
Now that we’re entering the third week of the enhanced community quarantine, we can’t help but miss the food we usually have before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Thankfully, a number of food delivery services are still available.If your go-to merienda includes Amber’s ...

This Pichi-Pichi Is The Easiest Kakanin To Make

We almost can't believe how effortless this is.
When we think of kakanin, we think of cooking rice flour for hours upon hours. There’s a lot of effort that goes into producing the sweet, classic merienda. But not for pichi-pichi! You can get those tender, sweet, addicting little bites with ...

WATCH: How to Make Pichi-Pichi

These bite-sized rice cakes are delicious!
Pichi pichi is a Filipino dessert that is simply made with grated cassava (or cassava flour), sugar, and pandan water. Grated cheese and desiccated coconut add texture, crunch, and layers of flavor. It's great for merienda or as a potluck party contribution! Pichi Pichi RecipeMakes 20-24 ...

The Guide To Kakanin

Dig into the Philippines’ most celebrated native delicacies.
The “kakanin” —in all its mouth-watering forms—is not just a local delicacy meant to boast the versatility of the Filipinos’ staple food, rice or “kanin” (from which the term itself is derived). It is an essential slice of the Philippines’ rich food culture; ...

8 Pinoy Kakanin Recipes You Need to Bookmark

Never thought you could make these well-loved delicacies at home?
.Traditionally made with rice, coconut, root vegetables, or coconut milk, the Pinoy kakanin is an important part of the Filipino culinary experience. Served at family gatherings and parties, these are well-loved snacks or desserts you can also easily make at home: Tibok-tibokPro ...

Pichi-Pichi Recipe

Whether as a snack or dessert, pichi-pichi is always a pleasure to eat!
Whether as a snack or dessert, pichi-pichi is always a pleasure to eat!Pichi-pichi is one of the well-known Filipino desserts and is made of coconut and grated cassava or kamoteng kahoy in Tagalog. It is gelatinous in appearance and sticky to the ...
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