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Here Are 7 Delicious Ways To Make Pinakbet

Pinakbet is a savory, umami-packed vegetable dish that you can cook in many ways.
Pinakbet is a well-loved vegetable dish. It's a recipe that combines homegrown vegetables —talong, okra, ampalaya, kamatis, and sitaw—into a vegetable stew whose flavor is bolstered by a good amount of bagoong isda.Many of us may know bagoong more popularly as a fermented shrimp paste but it's ...

WATCH: How to Make Pinakbet

This is an easy-to-make Filipino veggie favorite!
Pinakbet is a simple, one-pot Filipino vegetable favorite!2 tablespoons cooking oil1/2 kilo pork, cut into small pieces3 cloves garlic2 pieces ginger, thinly sliced1 large onion, sliced2 large tomatoes, quartered4 pieces eggplant2 pieces bitter melon(ampalaya), cut in half1/2 bundle string beans (sitaw), cut ...

Grilled Pinakbet Recipe

This grilled pinakbet recipe is a makeover from the traditional Filipino vegetable dish.
Give traditional pinakbet a makeover by grilling the vegetables and tossing them in either a tasty bagoong vinaigrette or a creamy bagoong-yogurt dressing. ...

Baked Pinakbet Recipe

PInakbet is a Filipino vegetable dish with a shrimp paste sauce. This is a baked version!
Change up the classic pinakbet recipe by making a baked version!  ...

Pakbet Ilocano with Chicharon Recipe

The Ilocano pinakbet uses bagoong balayan instead of alamang, which is used in Pakbet Tagalog.
The Ilocano pinakbet uses bagoong balayan instead of alamang, which is used in Pakbet Tagalog. Kamote also figures in this version, giving the dish a delightful hint of sweetness. ...

Pinakbet Recipe

This bittermelon and okra stew is also good without pork (Ilocanos use bagnet!).
This Ilocano pork-and-veggie dish is traditionally made with bagnet, which is deep-fried pork belly (also an Ilocano  specialty). Try this pinakbet recipe without pork—this bittermelon and okra stew is also good without pork. ...

Pinakbet Recipe

This is easy vegetable recipe that even kitchen newbies can cook!
This easy vegetable recipe can be a kitchen newbie's first recipe!The pinakbet is a classic stir-fry recipe that uses local and easy-to-find vegetables and seasonings to make it delicious. Talong, ampalaya, sitaw, kamatis, and okra are the classic vegetables in any pinakbet recipe but you ...

Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali Bits

This pinakbet rice is enhanced by tasty lechon kawali bits.
Enhance the taste of pinakbet by mixing it with lechon kawal bits. For sure, everyone in the family will love it. You can also try  Grilled Pinakbet Salad. This rice dish will surely satisfy your cravings. ...
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