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Filipino-Style Barbecue Meatballs Recipe

Ditch the sweet and sour sauce. Serve it with barbecue sauce!
Sweet and sour meatballs is a classic sauce for Pinoy-style meatballs. Why not swap the sauce for one that we love just as much or even more: Pinoy barbecue sauce. It's a marinade that is unique because of not one but two ingredients: the lemon-lime ...

This Handaan-Perfect Bundle Includes Chicken, Sisig, Pork Barbecue, And Pancit

This bundle combines your favorites from Max’s and Dencio’s.
We all go to Max’s Restaurant and Dencio’s for different reasons. We go to Max’s for their fried chicken and sizzling tofu sisig, but we go to Dencio’s for sisig and other Filipino dishes. If you’re looking for a bundle that includes all ...

Spicy Pork Barbecue Recipe

This Pinoy pork bbq gets a spicy marinade.
The Filipino pork barbecue is classic party food but it doesn't need to always be present only when there's something to celebrate! The Pinoy-style pork barbecue recipe has a marinade that is super delicious which can and should be enjoyed whenever you want some comfort ...

Did You Know That You Can Use Pineapple Juice In Your Marinades?

Pineapples do more than just add flavor to your marinades.
We know the amazing qualities that soda can give to your marinade. The acidic quality of a lemon-lime soft drink is the reason why many Pinoy barbecue marinades are so delicious. However, if you're wary of using soda in your marinade for any number ...

Yes, You Can Use Softdrinks In Other Delicious Recipes, Too

Use your favorite fizzy beverage in other dishes!
Sodas and colas, in general, are considered sugary drinks but there's more to it than just being a fizzy drink. Its sugar and flavor makes it into a vital ingredient in a recipe, whether savory or sweet. If you have ever made a Pinoy ...

These Are The Best Tips For Making Pinoy Barbecue

You might know some or all of these tips, but it all results in the best Pinoy barbecue.
If you love Pinoy barbecue, there are a few tips and tricks you may not know yet but we think it's always worth a look over just in case there is one that you may have missed out. Here are our best tips for making the best Pinoy ...
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