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You Can Get This Famous Bacolod Ensaymada in Manila This Month

It's as big as your face.
One of the best versions of ensaymada in the Philippines isn’t available in Manila—at least not all year round. For a limited time, however, Felicia’s Pastry Shop of Bacolod will be selling their highly coveted giant ensaymada (P150/pc) at the Artefino fair in Power Plant—so you can stock up ...

This Is One Of The Oldest Bakeries In The Philippines

You can find Hojaldres here, a flaky, buttery biscuit made from layers and layers of dough!
Step inside Panaderia de Molo in Iloilo City and you will be greeted by shelves of biscuits and pastries—galletas, biscocho, broas, toasted mamon, and more. You can also buy pre-made molo soup, everything in it made from scratch (even the molo wrapper ...

WATCH: How to Make Kalihim (Pan de Regla)

This bakery staple is easy enough to make at home.
Kalihim is a Filipino bread that's also known as Pan de Regla, Pan de Pula, or Kabukiran. It's a soft bread commonly found in most Pinoy bakeries and has pockets stuffed with a red-colored pudding made with flour (or stale bread), milk, ...

WATCH: How to Make Malunggay Pandesal

Use this recipe to make this nutrient-packed pandesal.
Have you tried malunggay pandesal? Malunggay leaves (moringa) is packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium—making it a super-healthy ingredient that's usually used in soupy dishes and stews. You can also add malunggay leaves to homemade pandesal. These soft buns are ...

WATCH: You Can Make The Panaderia-Style Ensaymada From Your Childhood

Recreate your fave bread from the neighborhood bakery.
Ensaymada (or ensaimada) is a well-loved sweet Filipino coiled bread. It's usually topped with butter, sugar, and grated salty cheese. The ones from your neighborhood bakery (the ones you might remember from your childhood merienda) might be slathered with margarine and topped ...

You Should Make This Delicious Pinoy-Inspired Bread Pudding This Christmas

It has ensaymada and queso de bola!
It’s not hard to find desserts that resonate with Filipinos After all, we love anything sweet and our desserts are a testament to that. But what we love just as much are the flavor combinations of sweet and salty. Take the ensaymada: it’s a ...

WATCH: How to Make Cheese Rolls

Learn how to make soft, buttery, sweet cheese rolls.
These soft, buttery, sweet cheese rolls are bound to be a crowd favorite! It takes a bit of effort to make but it is worth your time. Cheese RollsMakes 10 (5-inch) rolls Prep Time 3 hoursBaking Time 25 minutesALSO READ: ...

WATCH: How to Make Pan de Coco

Pan de coco is light yeasted bread stuffed with a sweet coconut filling.
Pan de coco, a simple yeasted bread with sweet coconut filling, is super easy to make at home! No special equipment needed, too. You can knead the dough by hand! Remember to make the filling right before you stuff the bread. If ...

Ensaymada Recipe

Now you can make your own fluffy, buttery ensaymada at home!
Ensaymada is a classic Pinoy bread whose origins can be traced to Mallorca, Spain. This ensaymada version is fluffy and buttery!  ...

WATCH: Buddy Valastro Tries Out Pinoy Bread

Guess which one The Cake Boss loved the most?
Team Yummy spent the day with The Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro, and asked him to try out a few panaderia favorites: ensaymada, pandesal, Spanish bread, kalihim, and pan de coco. Watch the full video for his verdict!  ...
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