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Ube Bars Recipe

Throwback to this yummy childhood snack!
Who can forget these bars back in our childhood days? It's a Filipino favorite snack that we can buy at the bakery, sari-sari store, or with the maglalako. They are made of baked bread dipped in sweet purple yam or ube syrup ...

This Shop Delivers Kakanin And Other Pinoy Snacks Straight To Your Door

Shop favorites like bibingka, puto, leche flan, ube halaya, and more!
We recently showed you some stores where you ccan buy different kinds of kakanin as well as a local business that assembles gorgeous bilao composed of local snacks like kakanin, biskwit, and lumpia, among others. If you can't get enough of Pinoy ...

This Online Shop Lets You Customize A Bilao With Kakanin And Other Pinoy Snacks

Perfect for your celebration at home.
No party or celebration is complete without some classic Filipino delicacies spread across the table for the whole family to share. Some of your favorites may include kakanin like puto, sapin-sapin, and palitaw, or perhaps pastries like bibingka and napoleones. If you're more into savory treats, ...

You Can Now Get The Original Buko Pie From Los BaƱos Delivered

No need to head out of town!
Trips to Laguna are always made more special with their buko pies, stalls for which you'll find a lot of on the way to the province. One of the best-known buko pie makers is The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop—their version of the pie has succulent, not-too-sweet young coconut meat ...

These Creamy, Dreamy Leche Flan Dessert Combos Are Worth The Work

These desserts put two of your favorite desserts into one irresistible bite!
There is something unique and unforgettable about eating into a dessert and discovering there's a surprising ingredient in it that makes it over-the-top delicious.From cheesecakes that have a delicious blueberry topping as well as an abundant amount of fresh fruits stirred into the creamy cheese to chocolate ...

Tips On Perfecting Your Steamed Desserts

You don't need an oven for superb desserts.
Don’t have an oven or simply don’t want to use it? These dessert recipes require no use of one! All you need is your trusty steamer or use a makeshift one. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are dying for homemade ...

You Can Make Delicious Desserts Using Powdered Milk!

These milky sweets are simply heavenly.
If you’ve got a kid in the house or if milk is simply one of your favorite drinks, you most likely always have powdered milk in your pantry. Unlike fresh milk, powdered milk doesn’t spoil easily so you can stock it and use when you ...

7 Yema Recipes You Need To Satisfy Your Cravings

Thickened condensed milk never tasted this good.
Yema, in its most basic form, is condensed milk thickened with egg yolks. It’s an excuse to eat the beloved condensed milk in a more solid form–the yema candy. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic for your childhood days of eating this simple ...

This Is How to Make Sure Your Maja Blanca Sets Every Time

Follow these tips and recipes to make a successful maja blanca!
Maja blanca, the creamy coconut pudding that is an easy-to-make favorite Filipino dessert, can be a little tricky sometimes. You only need a few ingredients: milk, sugar, cornstarch, and corn to make it. Easy, right?One problem always seems to get in the ...

Classic Filipino Desserts That Sum Up Your Childhood

Cathedral windows, mamon, chiffon cake, and more!
These Pinoy sweets are favorites for a reason! Do you remember your parents or grandparents making these homemade treats for you when you were a kid? Merienda wouldn't be complete without these treats. Use these recipes to recreate them in your own ...

Leche Flan Puto Recipe

This recipe is a combination of two Filipino desserts: leche flan and puto.
Combine two popular Filipino desserts, leche flan and puto, for a delicious homemade treat. Puto is a steamed cake that is traditionally made with rice, however, this version uses all-purpose flour making it ideal for creating cakes as cute as these!Its partner, leche flan, ...

5 Delicious Filipino Desserts That You Need to Try

Indulge in these proudly Pinoy desserts!
Filipinos eat like kings and queens: is there anything better than digging your teeth into creamy leche flan and fluffy puto? Here's a little sneak peak of Yummy's Pinoy-themed September issue. 1  Kapeng Barako Leche FlanThis smooth and silky leche flan has a fun flavor ...
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