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WATCH: How to Bake An Egg Pie

The Pinoy-style egg pie is a luscious and creamy baked custard pie.
A typical Pinoy egg pie has a light custard filling with a golden brown topping baked into a sweet crust. It's almost like a leche flan but not quite. It's just as delicious though, and it's easy to make. But the tricky ...

The Classic Pinoy Egg Pie Is Actually One Big Baking Lesson

Master these baking techniques to make a pefect Pinoy egg pie.
The classic Pinoy-style egg pie, which has a lightly sweet and thick (or “siksik”) custard sitting on a flaky basic pie crust, is a merienda and dessert favorite among many Filipino households that will never go out of style. The dessert sounds pretty ...
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