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WATCH: How To Cook Max's-Style Fried Chicken

Your favorite fried chicken is easy to recreate at home.
 Fried chicken, without the coating, is a classic Pinoy-style fried chicken. It's an easy process that will ensure you have the crispiest skin on your chicken. We found out how to make it and here's how you can do it at home: Max's Style Fried ChickenTakes 55 minutes ...

Pinoy-Style Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe

Everyone will love this crispy fried chicken recipe!
Surprise family and friends by making Pinoy-style crispy fried chicken at home! The trick to getting the skin crispy is to fry the chicken whole in a large pan or kawali. Serve the fried chicken alongside sweet potato fries, coleslaw, and fluffy ...

Patis-Glazed Fried Chicken Recipe

Make your favorite fried chicken recipe even better: toss chicken in a sweet-salty patis glaze!
This patis-glazed fried chicken recipe is a keeper. Toss your chicken in a sweet-salty patis glaze!  ...
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