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Easy No-Bake Pastillas Recipe

Choose between four different flavors!
Pastillas de leche, or simply pastillas, are a beloved Filipino milk-based candy. These sweet, creamy confections originate from San Miguel, Bulacan, where carabao-rearing farmers used to make pastillas de leche at home with carabao milk. They have since become a local specialty, ...

Rainbow Gelatin Recipe

This layered gulaman dessert is gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat!
This gorgeous layered dessert made of the colors and flavors of the rainbow is a no-bake recipe and surprisingly easy to make. You can use your favorite flavors, too!The tricky part of this dessert is making sure that your layers don't separate when you're ready to ...

Here's How You Can Make The Best Refrigerator Cake

Easy peasy!
Icebox and refrigerator freezer cakes are one of the easiest desserts to make. It doesn’t require ovens, it’s easy to put together, and each of these cakes are delicious. Plus, you can mix in whatever you have on hand that you love ...

These Are The No-Bake Desserts You Can Make By Steaming

Yes, you can steam your dessert!
Leche flan is just one of many delicious steamed desserts you can make in a steamer! From an entire 3-tiered cake to individual molds of panna cotta, we have recipes and tips you’ll need to make any of these steamed desserts:No-Bake Chocolate ...

Here's The Easy, No-Bake Way to Make Crema De Fruta

You can make this Filipino dessert in a matter of minutes.
Crema de fruta is a classic Filipino dessert with three layers: a soft sponge cake, creamy vanilla custard, and fruit cocktail that is set in gelatin. Because each layer requires the use of completely different recipes, this dessert can turn out to ...

Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Boxed cake mixes can be used to make easy no-bake puddings for dessert!
Boxed cake mixes can be used to make easy puddings for dessert! This no-bake pudding can be ready in only a few minutes. Let it set overnight so that it becomes firm.  ...

Classic Buko Pandan Recipe

This lovely green dessert is a favorite at parties and gatherings.
This is the perfect dessert for any occasion. It's popular, yummy, and so easy to prepare.Buko pandan is a compound word that describes the flavor that results from combining two delicious and classic ingredients: buko and pandan. Buko or coconut is a refreshing and earthy ...

Cathedral Windows Recipe

A classic party treat!
If there is one gelatin dessert that have many Pinoys feeling nostalgic enough to eat again, it's this stunning treat! This cathedral windows recipe is a completely different gelatin ensemble from the commercial ones.Try this cathedral window recipe and you're sure to ...
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