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The Spaghetti That Celebrity Alden Richards Can't Stop Dreaming About

Hint: it’s a favorite of most Pinoys, too.
Ask anyone about their favorite kind of spaghetti and almost every Pinoy will have that fond memory of a Pinoy-style cheesy spaghetti. For actor Alden Richards, it’s his lola’s spaghetti. “My lola makes the best spaghetti in town!” he shares in an ...

WATCH: How To Cook Pinoy Cheesy Spaghetti

It needs lots of cheese and of course, hotdogs!
You can't deny that when it comes to spaghetti, the sweet-style spaghetti is the one that tickles your nostalgic side. The other kind of spaghetti dish that might have challenged that childhood pasta is the cheesy spaghetti. It could be a super simple cheese spaghetti ...

The Crazy History of Filipino Spaghetti

Filipino spaghetti is the craziest culinary quirk invented by Filipinos.
Filipino spaghetti is a rebellious version of the Italian pasta. Its noodles are somewhat overcooked. It has a striking red color and is sweet and spicy. To make it even more absurd, chopped hotdogs, ground pork, onions, and garlic are mixed into the ...

You're Going To Want To Make These Pinoy-Inspired Spaghetti Recipes

We know you want these pasta recipes.
There are some pasta dishes that are uniquely and universally loved by many Filipinos. Take a scroll through these recipe ideas and see which kind of Pinoy-style spaghetti you love and would love to taste again: Filipinos have a love for anything that's sweet. ...

WATCH: We Show You How To Hack Jollibee's Spaghetti With This Easy Recipe

It's the spaghetti of your childhood!
We made one of your childhood favorites! The Jolly Spaghetti from Jollibee is just as delicious and nostalgic as the crispy fried chicken, and we're not surprised: the dish has everything we want in an indulgent kiddie spaghetti recipe.What is amazing is that it's ...
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