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Hug-My-Mug Hot Cocoa

A chocolate drink to snuggle up with at bedtime or on rainy nights.
This warm cup of choco is made of hot fudge syrup and chocolate chips—it was so good you'll want to hug your mug! Snuggle up with a mug at bedtime or on a rainy night.Similar recipes: Dark Hot Cocoa Mix,  Cinnamon Hot ...


Have some delicious Vietnamese food at Aquaknox!
At this restaurant, water cascades down the walls; underwater scenes are projected on a video wall; and a giant painting of koi fish graces one side of the restaurant. It all makes for a soothing ambiance and puts the diner in a ...

Tips on How to Make Siomai

We share another version; this one's got oyster sauce to boost flavor.
Get the recipe here:Here are a couple of siomai-making tips: Healthy Switch  For a healthier siomai, use very lean ground pork and increase the proportion of vegetables. You can also add mushrooms and shrimps. If you do, you may need to add ...


Culinary elegance at its best
Just before you step into Buenisimo, you will feel that there is an understated elegance that awaits you inside. The main door is adorned with filigreed patterns and opens up into a room with eggshell-colored walls and textured dark brown accents. Intricate ...

How to Make Kimchi

Learn how to make bottles of this Korean side dish.
.Makes about 10 small bottles Click to see Kimchi recipeDOs•  Wear gloves when mixing the chili paste.•  Store kimchi in a cool, dark place— the fridge is the best.•  Make kimchi using different vegetables using the same procedure.DON’Ts•  Never use a reactive ...

How to Make an Avocado Shake

In the mood for something fresh and refreshing? Make your own Avocado shake! Here's how:
.Related: How to check freshness of tropical fruits.Photography by Patrick Martires ? Text and Research by Angelo Comsti ? Kitchen Assistant: Ariel Obando by MIHCA ...

Dusit Thani Manila

For a reasonable price, you get to sample dishes from the hotel's four in-house restaurants.
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