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LIST: Pizzas Under P500 Available On GrabFood and Foodpanda

You don't have to spend too much to satisfy your pizza craving!
Have you been ordering pizza for lunch, merienda, or dinner? You're not alone! According to Grab's 2020 report, pizza is one of the most ordered food in 2020 and it was searched more than 6,000,000 times in a span of one year. If you want to limit your ...

Order This For Merienda: Yellow Cab's New Meaty Pizza!

It’s always a good time for a pizza party.
Are you getting tired of ordering the same pizza for merienda? You can switch it up and try Yellow Cab’s newly released meaty pizza that any pizza fan and burger fan will surely enjoy. Say hello to the Patty Melt Pizza (price ...

LIST: Where To Order Pizza Within Metro Manila

There are many places to choose from!
Pizza is always a good choice, whether you order it for merienda, midnight snack, or for an upcoming celebration. Pizza comes in different versions where it varies in size, type of dough, the way it’s cooked, and the medley of toppings used—from ...

You Can Get An Extra Pizza For Free When You Order From Yellow Cab This Month

You can get free delivery, too!
Pizza is one of those dishes that you can eat over and over and never get sick of. The classic combination of pizza crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and toppings is a staple through all seasons. In fact, we bet you've thought about ordering ...

Max's Fried Chicken, Yellow Cab, And Pancake House Open Several Luzon Stores For Delivery

Just in case you need a break from your home-cooked food.
Because of the enhanced community quarantine declared in Luzon and rising number of COVD-19 cases in the country, most restaurants had to close shop for the safety of their own teams and employees. The Max’s group of restaurants which include Max’s Fried Chicken, ...
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