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3 Delicious Ways to Use Extra Pizza Dough

There's more than one way to use pizza dough.
Homemade is always infinitely better than store-bought ingredients, pizza dough included. What if you end up with too much pizza dough? No problem—you can always use it for other delicious savory or sweet treats:1 Make a calzoneMix together grated mozzarella, grated Parmesan, and ...

All the Recipes You Need to Throw a Pizza Party at Home

It’s World Pizza Day today—which means extra slices for everyone!
Today, we celebrate one of life’s greatest gifts: pizza. A yeasted crust, an endless list of topping choices, tangy tomato sauce, and lots of cheese—it’s no wonder that the entire world has this day planted on their calendars! Pizza is also easy ...

Shaped Pizza

A bright baon for the kiddos: fun-shaped pizzas!
Are you getting tired of preparing the same old baon for your kids every day? Why don't you bring your creativity to the table and create your own yummy pizza shapes? A bright baon for the kiddos: fun-shaped pizzas!! ...
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