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A Healthier Version Of Longganisa Exists And We Know Where You Can Get It

It's vegan-friendly and contains no MSG and preservatives!
Is there anything quite as comforting as freshly cooked, hot-off-the-pan, Pinoy-style breakfast? Normally served with sinangag and fried egg, some popular ulam options include tuyo, tapa, bangus, corned beef, and longganisa, among others. If you're looking for ways to have your fave ...

It's Confirmed: Plant-Based "SPAM" Will Be Available In The Philippines

We have to wait a bit longer, though.
Last week, Omnifoods announced that it has launched a plant-based luncheon meat and is currently available in Hong Kong. If you’ve been looking for meat alternatives and healthier food while in the middle of a pandemic, there’s good news: the "Omnipork Luncheon” will be ...

Want To Go On A Plant-Based Diet? Here's What It Really Is + How To Start

Should you start during the holidays? We say yes!
The Netflix documentary Gamechangers really made the information on the benefits of a plant-based diet disseminate faster than you can finish blending a smoothie. Nowadays, people use the term to mean a diet mostly revolving around plants and sometimes even use it ...
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