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You Need To Try This Plant-Based Teriyaki Pizza

This pizza is delicious!
The plant-based diet movement has become stronger than ever, with a new plant-based meat dish being intoduced left and right. We've got plant-based lechon, luncheon meat, burgers, and now, we have plant-based meat on pizza and pasta from PizzaExpress' newly-launched The Good Green line.The Good ...

Starting Your Plant-Based Diet? Check Out "Wonder Grounds"

It has the same texture, chewiness, and juiciness of meat.
The pandemic has brought several plant-based options to our dining table, from plant-based lechon, plant-based luncheon meat, and several plant-based burgers from fast food chains. Now, we also welcome a new plant-based option: Wonder Meat's Wonder Grounds.Wonder Grounds is completely plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, MSG-free, and ...

There's A New Plant-Based Meat Item In The Grocery

You can now make your own plant-based burger, too!
It's always after the holiday season that we often look for healthier meals or consider going on a diet. If you're planning on going on a plant-based diet, it's now easier with all the plant-based food items you can find in the supermarket. ...

A Plant-Based Version Of "SPAM" Will Now Be Available In The Philippines

Now's your chance to try it out!
Last May, the Omnifoods addressed the link between eating meat and the pandemic by launching a plant-based luncheon meat, which they called the Omnifood Luncheon. This product claims to be cholesterol-free, has zero carcinogenic nitrates, 49 percent lower in fat, and is ...
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