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WATCH: How to Make a Poke Bowl

Make a colorful, delicious poke bowl at home!
Poke (pronounced as “poh-kay”) bowls are a favorite snack in Hawaii—made with fresh fish tossed in a tangy ponzu (citrus sauce) or soy sauce-sesame oil combo, and topped with absolutely anything you like, it’s an easy, no-cook dish that you can make ...

Check Out the Poke Bowls at This Must-Try Joint

You can customize your own bowl, too!
The poke trend found its way to Manila this year, with several spots dishing out their own version of this Hawaiian bowl of sliced raw fish served over soft sushi rice. Chef Kel Zaguirre (of Locavore fame) takes poke a notch higher ...

The Poke Bowl Is the Next Big Food Trend You Have to Try

Dig into the world of poke as we bring you fast facts on this exciting new trend!
Poke is a Hawaiian dish of sliced raw fish, usually ahi tuna, marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, served over soft rice, and topped with seaweed and Hawaiian kukui nuts. In essence, poke is deconstructed sushi in a bowl—it’s no wonder ...
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