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Christmas Gift Idea: Make A Homemade Polvoron-Making Kit!

Your foodie friends will love this homemade gift.
Is there anything more exciting than having a friend who is just as obsessed with food as you are? Make this Christmas extra special and D.I.Y your own gift for your food-loving friends and family members. You know that they will appreciate ...

WATCH: How to Make Cookies and Cream Polvoron

It's a Filipino favorite with a cookies and cream twist!
This recipe combines a Filipino favorite, buttery polvoron, with the classic flavor combination of cookies and cream. ...

Brown Butter Will Make Your Polvoron Better

Nutty and toasty polvoron is what you’re after!
Brown butter is a simple ingredient upgrade that every home cook and home baker needs to know how to make. It’s simple and has an amazing amount of uses across both the sweet and savory spectrum of food. All you have to ...

WATCH: How to Make Brown Butter Polvoron

Brown butter brings this Filipino snack to an even more delightful level.
Brown butter is the secret ingredient to making this polvoron extra delicious. Make brown butter by melting butter over medium heat using a light-colored pan (to help you see the color), making sure to watch over it as it melts. Swirl the ...

Cookies and Cream Polvoron Recipe

Add extra flavor to buttery polvoron!
Filipino polvoron is a classic dessert made of toasted flour, milk powder, butter, and sugar. If you're a fan of the cookies and cream flavor, give this polvoron recipe a go! It's easy to make and requires only 3 basic steps. This ...

Brown Butter Polvoron Recipe

Take the classic polvoron recipe to the next level by browning your butter!
Be adventurous in the kitchen and make this brown butter polvoron recipe! Its nutty and toasty flavor is easy to love.  ...

WATCH: You Only Need 4 Ingredients to Make Polvoron

Flour, powdered milk, sugar, and butter!
Polvoron is a powdered milk candy made of toasted flour, sugar, powdered milk, and butter. Watch the video to see how easy it is to make this Filipino treat!Add oomph by tossing in toasted pinipig, nuts, or crushed cookies.2 cups all purpose ...
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