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WATCH: How to Make Popcorn on Your Stovetop

Stovetop popcorn beats microwave popcorn any day!
Stovetop popcorn is quick and easy to make! It's also more flavorful and less expensive than microwave popcorn.1 Place oil in a pan over medium to high heat.2 Add popcorn kernels and place the cover.3 Once the kernels start to pop, turn ...

Choco-Peanut Popcorn Balls Recipe

Popcorn balls are pretty as they are delicious!
The popcorn balls are covered in chocolate to up the indulgence level! The freshly popped corn is tossed with a caramel mixture then dipped into a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate chips—making it a happy treat for the kids and kids-at-heart! ...
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