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Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With Canned Pork and Beans

This dynamic duo in a can isn't just for breakfast.
Not everyone likes a can of pork and beans. This meat-and-bean combo is a staple in many kitchens but few know more to do with it than opening the can, dumping it into a bowl, and serving it with toasted bread. There have ...

WATCH: We Have a Recipe For Homemade Pork and Beans!

It has everything you love in the canned version, but better!
 Homemade pork and beans is so good—it's hearty, filling, and made with all the good stuff you love in the canned version. You can also use chorizo instead of bacon, or both! The best things about homemade versions is that you can ...

Homemade Pork and Beans Recipe

Sure, you can pick up a can in the supermarket but this tastes so much better!
Pork and beans is a great pantry staple. It can be a quick merienda or added to your lunch or dinner spread when you need to put a meal on the table fast. But if you have extra time, making homemade pork and ...

6 New Ways to Use Pork and Beans

Make your canned pork and beans go a long way with these recipes!
Pork and beans used to be a quick fix for picky eaters. It's easy-to-prep, sweet, and satisfying. But there are actually so many ways to incorporate pork and beans into whole new, exciting dishes. Here's how you can transform the simple canned good of ...

Did You Know You Can Make Afritada More Delicious When You Use Pork And Beans?

Pork and beans adds a sweetness we know Pinoys will love.
The classic afritada is a fairly basic recipe: sauté garlic and onions in oil, brown the chicken pieces, stir in tomato sauce and water, add potatoes and carrots, and simmer the stew until the chicken is cooked through, and the vegetables are ...

Pork and Bean Lettuce Cups Recipe

This is a twist on your favorite pork and beans dish!
This is a twist on your favorite pork and beans dish! Add spice for extra heat and flavor, then pair them with lettuce for an easy health boost.  ...

Pork and Beans with Crispy Bacon Recipe

Serve this with corn bread and creamed spinach to round out your meal.
Adding barbecue sauce and bacon to your usual can of pork and beans is an easy trick you can do when guests come over without notice. ...

Pork and Beans Burger Recipe

Here's a recipe for the easiest burger ever!
Here’s a recipe for the easiest burger ever! Canned pork and beans add flavor and texture to your burgers. ...

Hunt's is Bringing Their Classic Family Favorites to #YummyEats 2015

They’re all about those good old-fashioned flavors we know and love.
Whether you’re looking to add a bit of richness to your pochero, or need a quick fix meal after a long, tiring Monday, Hunt’s is always there to help you out. At this year’s #YummyEats 2015, Hunt’s is set to give you ...

Pata Pork and Beans

Skip the canned goods and give homemade pork and beans a try!
Skip the canned goods and give homemade pork and beans a try! Make your own version of this pork dish in three easy steps! Perfect for a dinner treat with your family! ...

Claude Tayag

The King of Pampango cuisine names his favorite local food ingredients.
Claude Tayag53, artist, writer and chef "[I learned to cook] I guess exposure at home with my mother’s cooking. I come from a fairly large family. I am the ninth of twelve children. There was constant cooking and “feeding” of an army, literally, ...
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