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What Is Adobo Pork Cut + Adobo Recipes To Try

This unique pork cut makes the best-tasting adobo.
Philippine adobo or simply the adobo has become more popular recently. It's become so popular that Filipino recipes have breached the international scene on social media platforms, from YouTube to American television morning shows. The adobo that they are making however is usually the chicken ...

What Is Lomo + Easy Ulam Recipes To Try

It's got the most tender meat.
Did you know there's a pork cut that is so tender that once cooked through it's ready to serve? The whole lomo or the pork loin has the most tender meat cut: the tenderloin. The tenderloin is always the most prized of all meat cuts whether it's ...

What Is Pigue And How To Cook It

This is a primal pork cut. Learn how to identify it and cook with it.
Not everyone knows what the different pork meat cuts in the display of the meat shop are. Unless you're a butcher or a chef who should know the different cuts of meat, you may be more interested in the prices of your favorite ...

What Is A Pork Cutlet And How To Cook It

This cut is less fatty than your usual pork chop.
The pork loin is a delicious and surprisingly common cut. You might not have noticed it before but it's a pork cut that is just as available as kasim, pigue, and those pork chops you love frying for quick meals. In fact, the ...

What Is Pork Shoulder And How To Use It In Recipes

This pork cut is a common cut in the butcher shop.
Did you know that the kasim is known as both pork butt and the pork shoulder, too? Contrary to the name, the pork butt is not located near the butt end of the pig at all (That's the pigue!). It's part of the shoulder joint near the ...

How To Make Tender Pork Ribs Every Time

Cook fall-off-the-bone ribs ala baby back ribs!
Guess what? You do not need to spend on baby back ribs for tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs. You can do it too with regular pork ribs and make it super delicious. You have two options when it comes to cooking pork ribs until tender: The long and slow way ...

What's The Difference: Pata Tim Vs. Humba

Both use the pork pata but it tastes different.
Both the humba and the pata tim may look the same. These dishes use similar ingredients, too. In fact, both the humba and the pata tim use soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar in their recipes, and both contain wood ear mushrooms. Both are ...

This Is The Most Tender Cut Of Pork + Recipes To Try

There's only one!
Pork is an undisputed favorite among Pinoys. It's what makes lechon, lechon. It's also the meat that we like to cook with, including other pork parts that are not as popular.When it comes to the meat, the tenderloin also known as the lomo is ...

Should You Use Kasim Or Pigue For Pinoy Barbecue?

Are you Team Pigue or Team Kasim?
Sweet, savory, a little spicy, and all meat, Pinoy pork barbecue is a classic family favorite. It's what you prepare for parties and celebrations, special meals, or just want to savor delicious grilled meat you can eat on a stick as merienda or ...

Use This Cheap Meat Cut to Make These Delicious Pork Recipes

This budget pork cut is one of the most delicious cuts, too.
There is nothing wrong with buying budget cuts at the butcher or the grocery. We all know that budgets can take a hit when times are strained or when an unexpected expense needs to be paid. When this happens, just know that there ...
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