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Here's The Difference Between Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, And Spareribs

Know which is which and which is the best for that recipe.
Did you know that there are three different kinds of pork ribs? There are and each one has different characteristics that make it so delicious and succulent in its own way. One thing you should know is that whatever cut your recipe calls for, if you can't ...

This Is How You Can Make Sisig With Any Pork Cut

The trick is knowing what to look for.
The only way to make real pork sisig is really by using the maskara or the pork head meat which includes the tenga or ears. It's usually leftover from the lechon where the rest of the lechon is already cut away, leaving the tail, legs, ...

Quick-Cooking Pork Cuts You Need to Stock Up On

Want a meaty meal that cooks fast?
It's an easy hack: keeping thinly-sliced pork in the freezer makes for easy-to-make meals. It’s perfect for quick meals because it cooks in no time and can be turned into a wide variety of dishes. Here’s a list of all the pork cuts you can ...

5 Pork Steak Recipes That Will Change Your Pork Chop Dinners

Tired of pork chops? Make tonight a pork steak tonight instead.
When it comes to pork, a favorite cut is the pork chop. It’s got a fatty layer in an otherwise lean cut of pork, which is what you want to ensure it stays moist as it cooks. Plus, it’s usually a bone-in ...

INFOGRAPHIC: Know Your Pork Cuts + Recipes You Can Use

Confused about which pork cut you should buy and use? We've got you covered.
We know it’s daunting and can be confusing. What is a picnic ham? Are spareribs the same as the country-style ribs? Is the lechon kawali cut the same as the liempo cut? What part of the pig is the pork butt??No worries. ...
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