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These Marinades Will Always Make Your Pork Chops Delicious

Make your pork chops as flavorful as you can make it.
There's no need to go too fancy with the marinade you use for your pork chops. In fact, going with flavors that are familiar may be just what you wanted! In the case of pork chops, many flavors would complement it but ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make Bopis At Home

Bopis is made of inexpensive pork parts made delicious.
Bopis can be an everyday dish! That's because bopis is made with inexpensive pork parts that some people may not know is delicious to eat. Traditionally, bopis is made with pork lungs and heart but if you find you can't get these parts at ...

Pork Steak Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

Get the recipes and some tips!
Did you know that there are several kinds of pork chop cuts? One of the tastier, more flavorful cuts is the pork steak cut, also known as the shoulder chop. It’s a very fatty cut of dark meat that’s connected to a ...

10 Fried Pork Recipes To Get Hooked On

All you need is a frying pan.
Pork—it’s tasty, filling, versatile, and affordable. With just a frying pan, you won’t run out of recipes you can make with pork. You'll even wind up mastering a recipe as you go, since each one begs to be cooked again, and again. Whether it’s ...

These Pork Belly Recipes Go As Low as P47/Serving!

All these liempo recipes are under P100 per serving!
Pork belly has got to be one of the best parts of pork. It's tender and easy to cook because it's got the right amount of meat to create the perfect texture for that succulent, mouth-watering bite. What makes pork belly dishes more amazing is ...

3 Ways to Make Pork Chops Flavorful + Exciting Again

Say no to boring pork chops.
It’s not hard to love pork chops. It’s easy to cook, goes great with rice, and is really delicious. Whether it’s simply seasoned with just salt and pepper or tossed in a myriad of spices to make it into a more flavorful ...

WATCH: How To Cook Pork Tocino Fried Rice

Add pork tocino to make your breakfast plate more filling.
 If you've gotten tired of the same fried rice dish every morning, chop up some of your tocino and toss into the fried rice to make it into the perfect match for your breakfast fare. Pork Tocino Fried RiceTakes 30 minutes plus overnight marinatingMakes ...

Here's How You Can Make the Best Binagoongan Dish

Your family and friends will rain down praises on your cooking whenever you make binagoongan with these tips in mind.
Bagoong (shrimp paste) is a salty, fishy, pungent, umami-packed condiment that we Pinoys love. It’s slathered onto green mangos, served with kare-kare, stirred into laing, and even becomes ulam when nothing else is available. It's even better when cooked into a dish ...

Spaghetti with Baked Pork Meatballs

Instead of the usual frying, the meatballs are baked to golden perfection.
Instead of the usual frying, the meatballs are baked to golden perfection. Prepare your family this delicious pasta recipe of Spaghetti with Baked Pork Meatballs. The entire family will have a happy tummy!  ...

Pork Stew in Aligue and Gata

Aligue and tomatoes give this pork stew interesting flavors.
Aligue and tomatoes give this pork stew interesting flavors. This exciting pork dish will surely a hit with your family. The combination of pork, crab fat and coconut cream create a flavorful taste that you can't resist. ...

5 Pinoy Pork Dishes That Every Kitchen Newbie Can Cook

These dishes aren’t really difficult to whip up.
.When you think of Pinoy meals, there are staples that always appear in every family get-together, a matriarch’s recipe book, or the Noche Buena spread. Pork dishes are one of them. Coupled with bowls of steaming hot rice, pork dishes are also reliable ...

Love Bacon? These Recipes Will Make You Happy

There is no such thing as too much bacon.
Enjoy bacon—in its crispy, smoky, and fiendishly addictive glory—in more ways than one: 1. Bacon Jam A quick way to indulge your bacon cravings: spread on top of pancakes, toast, or add smoky flavors to your sandwich.2. Bacon LiempoThis dish is equal parts ...
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