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Bookmark These: Ulam Recipes Using Pork Giniling

This meat makes recipes easier and faster to cook.
Here's one good reason to use ground pork or giniling na baboy instead of pork cubes or chunks in recipes: it makes your recipes easier and faster to cook.Ask yourself this: Do you really need the pork to be in large chunks ...

Spicy Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

A little spice makes it extra delicious!
Lumpiang shanghai recipes are easy and delicious. These are instant hits at any table and while super tasty, a little heat and spice can only make it even more appetizing. We used siling labuyo and chili-garlic sauce to give these some heat and spice but you can also try stirring in hot ...

WATCH: This Pork Giniling Recipe Is Loaded With Potatoes

Instead of using the usual frozen mixed vegetables, use potatoes instead.
Level up your favorite go-to pork giniling recipe with a flavorful and heartier version. This recipe, instead of using the usual frozen mixed vegetables, uses just patatas or potatoes instead. Plus, to give it extra flavor, we used fresh tomatoes. This is ...

Pork Giniling with Pineapples Recipe

Make your giniling na baboy taste more special with pineapples.
Ground pork is a fast and easy ingredient to cook with. You can do so many dishes with it! One easy way to make giniling na baboy recipes delicious is to simply stir fry it and make it more flavorful with other ingredients. Make it ...

Pork Giniling Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Karots, patatas, at gisantes lang meron ka nang malinamnam na giniling na baboy.
Giniling na baboy ang pangunahing sangkap ng pork giniling. Isa rin ito sa pinakamadaling lutuin. Ang kailangan mo lang ay giniling na baboy at gulay tulad ng patatas, karots, at gisantes. Simple lang ang lutuing ito, at pwede ring gawin na walang ...

WATCH: How to Make Pork Giniling

Whip up this easy pork dish for baon!
Toss in carrots, tomatoes, and green peas for texture and more flavor to this Filipino recipe.PORK GINILING RECIPE ...

Pork Giniling Recipe

Throw in some carrots, potatoes, and green peas for texture and added flavors to this easy pork dish.
Pork giniling is a dish that uses ground pork as its main ingredient. It’s one of the easiest recipes to put together, too. All you need are ground pork and some veggies: potatoes, carrots, and green peas. This recipe, at its most ...
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