Pork Inasal Buns Recipe

These are perfect for merienda!
These Asian-inspired pork buns use pork inasal instead of pulled pork or pork belly. They're just as delicious! ...

Pork Chop Inasal Recipe

Reward your family with a new take on everyone’s favorite Pinoy dish.
We made a new version of chicken inasal, but with pork chops! This pork chop recipe is perfect for baon or rushed weeknight dinners.  ...

Make a Big Batch of Pork Inasal And Have Baon For The Whole Week!

You can turn it into 5 delicious dishes!
Sometimes, coming up with a baon plan can be more of a hassle than actually cooking it. With this baon meal plan, your planning and prep time is made easier. You also get to enjoy Pork Inasal every day in new exciting ways.The Main Dish: Pork ...
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