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Adobo Slab Rice Recipe

Anyone with a big appetite will enjoy having a slab of adobo instead of chunks!
Just as good as the regular adobo, this slab of adobo on to of adobo rice recipe is delicious and super filling! It's one big chunk that will satisfy even the biggest of appetites!  ...

Crispy Fried Pork (Tulapho) Recipe

These are a different kind of pork crackling!
If you love crispy pork in any and all its forms, you'll love that there's another recipe to try! Crispy fried pork, or tulapho in Ilonggo, is to the Illonggos what bagnet is to the Ilocanos. Considered to be "chicharon" in Iloilo, these are basically just small ...

Pork Belly with Crackling Skin Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Eto ang pinaka malutong na liempong baboy na maluluto mo.
Panalong-panalo ang pork belly recipe na ito dahil sa malutong na balat ala chicharon! Subukan nyo ang putaheng Filipino na ito at isawsaw sa tinimplahang suka, sarsa ng lechon o gravy para sa dagdag na sarap. ...

All The Ways You Can Prepare Juicy, Tasty Liempo

Pork belly recipes are some of the juiciest and flavorful meats.
Pork is definitely the favorite meat of the Filipino. From the simple porks chops we love to cook because it's quick and easy to cook every day to the whole hog roasted on a spit, the lechon that's mandatory for any celebration, there isn't a pork ...

WATCH: How to Make Sinuglaw

Grilled liempo + tuna kinilaw = super good!
Grilled liempo has to be one of the most delicious and irresistible meats you will ever eat. It's a simple enough recipe to make and grilling it boosts the overall appetizing qualities of the popular pork cut: it's soft, tender, juicy, and ...

3 Ways To Cook Crispy + Delicious Lechon Kawali

You can satisfy your craving for crispy lechon kawali no matter what appliance you have in the kitchen.
No craving for liempo and lechon kawali will go unsatisfied if you know how to use your kitchen appliances to their maximum potential. Whether your stove suddenly runs out of gas or the electricity goes down, you have a way to cook ...

Sinuglaw Recipe

This light, refreshing dish pairs smoky grilled pork with fresh fish.
This light, refreshing dish pairs smoky grilled pork with fresh fish. Make and share this delicious and tasty recipe of Sinuglaw. Serve it as an appetizer or a main course with ice-cold beer for the perfect summer meal. ...
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