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WATCH: How To Make Everlasting (Marikina-Style Meatloaf)

This embutido is cooked in a llanera like a leche flan.
This Marikina-style embutido, or meatloaf, is cooked in a llanera. It's the same baking pan you would use for leche flan so it's got a distinct shape. What makes this embutido unique from other meatloaf recipes is that it can be made ahead, even days, before ...

Pork Meatloaf Recipe

Weeknight cooking is much easier with this quick pork meatloaf recipe!
Next time you have ground meat, try making a meatloaf instead of meatballs. It’s easy! This pork meatloaf recipe can be a go-to for weeknight cooking. Plus, you can use meatloaf leftovers on almost anything: in sandwiches, in pasta, and on salads.  ...
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