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Pork And Tofu Sisig Recipe

It's a take on the classic Pinoy dish!
Satisfy your sisig cravings with a mix of these two proteins—pork and tofu! ...

This Is How You Can Make Sisig With Any Pork Cut

The trick is knowing what to look for.
The only way to make real pork sisig is really by using the maskara or the pork head meat which includes the tenga or ears. It's usually leftover from the lechon where the rest of the lechon is already cut away, leaving the tail, legs, ...

Pork Sisig Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Alamin kung paano gumawa ng sikat na pulutan, pork sisig!
Matutong gumawa ng sisig, isang sikat na Pinoy pulutan. Ang sisig ay isang putahe na nagmula sa lalawigan ng Pampanga. Maraming iba’t ibang uri ng sisig tulad ng baboy, manok, tuna, chorizo, bangus, at tokwa.  ...

All The Sisig Recipes You Will Ever Need

From vegetarian to sinfully indulgent, we have all the sisig recipes you need.
Do you remember the first time you had sisig? Before it was even put down on the table, its aroma, wafting about with the hot swirls of smoke, had probably already reached you. Once on the table, it also probably continued to ...

Sisig Tacos Recipe

Sisig-filled tacos? Call all your friends!
Schedule Fil-Mex night with the fam and serve sisig tacos! Try other fillings like canned tuna and corned beef, too. ...

Lechon Sisig Recipe

Take sisig to the next level with crunchy lechon kawali!
Take Pinoy sisig to the next level with crunchy lechon kawali! You can fry pork belly until crispy or simply use leftover lechon kawali to create a tasty dish.  ...

Sisig Salad Recipe

Top your salad greens with a Filipino favorite: pork sisig fried until crispy.
Add texture to your favorite salad by adding pork sisig fried until super crispy! Remember to dress your salad in a citrus-based vinagrette to cut through the fatty pork flavors.  ...

Pork Sisig

Learn how to make this popular Pinoy bar chow.
Learn how to make this popular Pinoy bar chow. Sisig is a Pinoy delicacy originated from Pampanga. There are many varieties of Sisig, like pork, chicken, tuna, chorizo, bangus, and tofu. But in this recipe, Yummy will guide you on how to ...
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