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Pork Giniling Na Menudo Recipe

This makes menudo even faster to cook.
Make your classic pork menudo recipe even faster to cook by using giniling na baboy or ground pork instead of pork cubes that you have to tenderize. This classic stew with a twist is just as tasty as the original but cooks ...

Pork Mechado Recipe

Make cooking mechado easier, faster by using pork instead of beef.
There's no need to wait hours just to tenderize beef! Swap out the tougher cuts of beef for chunky cuts of pork that will make your meal just as hearty, meaty, and satisfying.  ...

Chinese-Style Pork Adobo Recipe

This Chinese version of the Pinoy adobo is sweet and savory at the same time.
There's no reason to fiddle with the classic adobo recipe, but this Chinese version of the adobo, a sweet-savory combo, can be just as nostalgic as the salty-savory version. Star anise, shiitake mushrooms, and a little sweetness transform the flavor of this dish but in ...

Waknatoy (Pork Stew with Pickles) Recipe

Love stews? You have to try this Marikina dish.
This pork dish is a tomato-based stew, studded with pork shunks, Vienna sausage, red bell peppers, and chorizo. It' also has sweet pickles—this lends a sweet-tangy flavor that other stews such as menudo do not have. ...
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