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Impress Your Guests With Delicious Italian Potluck Trays This Christmas Season

Time to bring out the bottle of wine!
It comes as no surprise that when it comes to modern Italian food, Cibo is one that's top-of-mind. Founded by Chef Margarita Fores, you can expect to impress your guests with squisito Italian dishes that are now available in party trays. The Best Hits ...

Pancake House Makes Christmas Hassle-Free With Party To-Go Trays!

No time to cook? No problem!
We get it: Christmas can be hectic with parties and Christmas shopping and it can be difficult to find the time to prepare a meal for your companions. Not to worry, Pancake House makes party-planning a breeze with their To-Go Trays! Pancake House ...

You Can Order Your Fave Restaurant Food For Your Handaan Or Potluck Party

We got you covered from lechon to pizza!
Are you ready for the amount of food you'll be eating during the holidays? If you don't have the time to cook everything on your list, you can always order potluck trays from restaurants! They're convenient and can really save you time ...

This Sulit Christmas Potluck Promo Has Pasta, Chicken Wings, And Pizzas!

It has delicious dishes that every party needs.
The holidays is fast approaching and that brings a lot of reunions, Christmas parties, and of course, Noche Buena. What would any Filipino gathering be without food? If you're looking for a sulit promo that has all your party favorites, Yellow Cab's Potluck ...

This Longganisa-Filled Lumpia Party Pack Is What Your Handaan Needs!

This is perfect for the holiday season, too!
Is it really a Filipino handaan without lumpia? Lumpia or fried spring roll is one dish that Filipinos love to have on a daily basis, but most especially, during any kind of celebration that involves a food spread. Lumpia is commonly filled with minced ...

These Dishes Can Be Both Pica-Pica and Ulam

We think any of these dishes can be served with rice—lots of rice!
No matter what day of the year it is, there is always going to be a party or celebration happening somewhere. Maybe you ask yourself this instead: We think you should always be prepared with potluck or party recipes that you can make to bring to ...

Here's Where To Order Your Chinese New Year Feast

It's time to pig out!
The Chinese New Year is not just a great time to mark the beginning of the lunar year, it’s also the perfect time to enjoy good food. There's nothing like a delicious Chinese food feast to usher in prosperity and good vibes. If ...

Marriott Manila Has Cute Christmas Food Gifts + Potluck Party Ideas

They have delicious Noche Buena options!
If you still haven't finished gift shopping list nor finalized your Noche Buena spread, let these goodies from Marriott Manila cross out a huge chunk from your to-do list this Christmas:Gift your friend (or yourself) something cute like gingerbread cookies! The classic gingerbread cookies ...

All The Potluck Food You Can Order For Your Next Christmas Party

These potluck picks will make your Christmas party and Noche Buena planning a breeze.
1 Grazing Tables by Aperitif If there was no grazing table at the party, did the party really happen? Make your Christmas party fabulous with a picture perfect grazing table put together by Aperitif. The best part? They are 100% customizable.Prices are available ...

These Are All The Potluck Hacks You Need to Know

Whether you're organizing or coming to a potluck, we can make your life easier.
The holidays are nearing and we're pretty sure your calendars are filling up. Whether it’s your office get-together, a house party with friends, or a grand family reunion, you’re bound to get roped into a potluck party. If you’re in charge of planning, ...

These Potluck Picks Will Be a Hit at Your Christmas Parties!

Make sure to order early!
Christmas is just around the corner! Worrying about not having enough time to prepare a feast for all the holiday parties? Fret not and turn to some of the metro’s reliable food purveyors instead. We’ve rounded up some of our top picks ...

WATCH: How to Make Palabok

This Filipino party staple is actually easy to make at home!
Palabok is a staple at Filipino parties. It's a rice noodle dish mixed in a sauce made with pork and shrimps and toppings such as hard-boiled eggs, crushed pork chicharon, tinapa flakes, and crispy bits of garlic.1 500-gram pack palabok noodles (thin ...

WATCH: How to Make Roast Beef with Vegetables

Make dinner with family and friends extra special with classic roast beef with vegetables.

WATCH: How to Make Baked Macaroni

This is a foolproof recipe for a potluck party favorite.

5 Tips for the Perfect Potluck Party

It’s more than just buying barbecue or pancit.
Everyone loves a good potluck. With just a little bit of teamwork and coordination, a group of friends and family can easily prepare an impressive spread of dishes that may or may not be able to feed a small army. For all its ...

WATCH: Sneak Peek of This Year's Potluck Picks by Yummy Magazine

The perfect party starts with great food!
We let you in on the best potluck finds you can serve at your holiday party. Get the November 2015 issue to see the complete list. You can also download the digital issue here.Visit our YouTube channel for more videos, recipes, and ...

Baked Fish Pesto Recipe

This seafood dish will balance out all the meat entrees at your next party spread.
This seafood dish will balance out all the meat entrees at your next party spread. ...
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